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JULY 2021

Released: 30-JUL-2021

It’s been a while since the last melodic techno set so we have some catching up to do!  Here are some of the best tunes from June and July with some beautiful vocal performances to match the equally beautiful atmospheric and hypnotic sounds.  

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1. Obscure (Original Mix) - Nick Devon, Monarke [Steyoyoke]
2. Seleno (Original Mix) - D-Formation [BeatFreak Recordings]
3. Before We Know Light (Original Mix) - Fabrication [Recovery Collective]
4. Ascend (Original Mix) - Paradoks [Rebellion der Traumer]
5. Shattered Integrity (Original Mix) - Alazkara [Mirror Walk]
6. Sentient (Original Mix) - Anyma [Afterlife Records]
7. Inner Sky (Original Mix) - Jos & Eli [Watergate Records]
8. Chrome (Original Mix) - Kilany M [Mirror Walk]
9. Dreamers (Original Mix) - Stylo, Space Motion [Space Motion Records]
10. The Rain (Fur Coat Remix) - Remcord, Ivan Theva [REBA]
11. Disastered Mind (Original Mix) - Alazkara [Mirror Walk]
12. All The Little Things (Undercatt Remix) - Giorgia Angiuli [Eleatics Records]
13. Player (Original Mix) - Stylo, Space Motion [Space Motion Records]
14. Dandaya (Alain Diamond Mix) - KOTA People [Enharmonic Digital]
15. Burning Sun (Extended Mix) - Alkemie [Armada Electronic Elements]
16. Frequency of South (Original Mix) - Kilany M [Mirror Walk]
17. The Sun Can't Compare (Extended Mix) - Space Motion, Kashovski [Glasgow Underground]
18. Broken Nights feat. MAE (IT) (Original Mix) - Fat Cosmoe [ATLANT]
19. Claire (feat. Delhia De France) (Original Mix) - Delhia De France, Anyma, Janus Rasmussen [Rose Avenue]

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