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Released: 26-aug-2021

It’s time to take things up a level from the monthly chillout sets as Dave Baker progresses into the world of melodic techno. This month we have 20 of the latest chart-topping tracks, as well as a few tunes set to be released shortly after this episode is added to the podcast feed. Get ready for some serious sunset / sunrise vibes and haunting vocals.

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1. Postquam (Original Mix) - Vanita [Selador]
2. Quartz (Original Mix) - Emanate [Mirror Walk] RELEASE DATE AUGUST 27
3. Vega (Extended Mix) - Ilija Djokovic [Armada Electronic Elements]
4. Blue Night (feat. Alp Mutlu) (Mollono.Bass Remix) - Mollono.Bass, Ahmet Atakan, Alp Mutlu [Acker Records]
5. Von Draussen (Original Mix) - Jonathan Kaspar [Kompakt]
6. Prometheus (Original Mix) - Avidus [Oddity Records]
7. Obnoxious Desire (Original Mix) - Innellea, Colyn [Afterlife Records]
8. Space Time (Da Fresh Remix) - High On Mars, Two Are [Area Verde]
9. Das Boot (Prophecy Extended Remix) - SKIY [A Bird Called Peter]
10. Boavista (Innellea Remix) - Stephan Bodzin [Afterlife Records]
11. Mainaka (Original Mix) - Local Dialect [EIN2]
12. Palladium (Original Mix) - Darknezz, Viola Vi [Go Deeva Records]
13. Get Together (Original Mix) - Drumstone [Rhyme & Hype Records]
14. Alive (Anyma Remix) - RÜFÜS DU SOL [Rose Avenue/Reprise]
15. Take Me Home (Original Mix) - Erik Heirman feat. Kieran Fowkes [Sine Music]
16. You feat. Diana Miro (Frankey & Sandrino Extended Remix) - Eelke Kleijn, Diana Miro [DAYS like NIGHTS]
17. Restless (Original Mix) - George Slater [Mirror Walk] RELEASE DATE AUGUST 27
18. Time Will Tell (Bebetta Remix) - Joplyn [Stone Free Berlin]
19. Adrift (Original Mix) - Browncoat [Steyoyoke]
20. Save The Day (Extended Mix) - Jon Sine, Robin Vane [Found Frequencies] RELEASE DATE AUGUST 27

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