Hi and thanks for visiting my site!  I know it’s customary to write about yourself as the third person but I prefer to make this more personal, especially as DJ bios often read the same 🙂


You perhaps know me from the Hot House Hours podcast which has become a big part of my life and has made me fall in love with music again after time away from the decks.  I’m a multi-genre DJ who primarily plays mainstream house and tech house, although I enjoy the very different feelings from playing techno, EDM (future house, bass house, electro house, big room), jackin' house, and a more chilled daytime / sunset vibe with downtempo, organic house and afro house (something I dream of playing live one day at various exotic locations!).


The podcast has allowed me to form close friendships and relationships with DJ's, producers and labels all over the world, and in particular promoting outstanding sets from guest DJs Mark Armitage, Macrolev, Mike Chenery and Jo Paciello.  Through my partnership with Techno Live Sets, I also share the same platform as techno heavyweights Jay Lumen, Adam Beyer, and Charlotte de Witte, earning widespread praise for my progressive style of deep, dark and thumping techno mixes.


While the podcast and radio work is a pleasure to be involved with, being a DJ is all about the live performance and interacting with people and there are plans to tour once the global health situation makes things easier to travel and gather in large groups. 


Whatever music I’m playing, I can guarantee a positive and uplifting experience, creating a synergy between DJ and audience, and simply enjoying the moment and the music with you (sometimes even joining the crowd on the dancefloor!).  


Here’s a bit more about my background….


Music and DJing is in my DNA and it’s something I had dreamed of being involved with since I stood behind a pair of turntables with my godfather on my 10th birthday.  Rather than celebrate the occasion with my friends, I was mesmerised with the process of mixing music and from that point it was something I had my heart set on doing myself.


During the high school years growing up in London, I formed a DJ partnership called No Sleep Ravers, playing house, techno and drum & bass using whatever equipment we could get our hands on.  Once I was able to buy my own turntables, my vinyl obsession really took off and I spent most of my free time hanging out in record shops loading up on the latest promos.


DJ life really took off when I enrolled on a DJ course at Point Blank studios in London.  While I already understood a lot about DJing from the many hours of practice, the course not only taught be some useful techniques, it also gave me my first experience of playing in a nightclub.  From that point, a whole new network opened up for me, playing regularly at venues around London, such as The End (supporting DJ Layo and Fatboy Slim), learning about music production, co-producing white label tracks and experiencing a small amount of success in that area (notably one such track being played by Judge Jules on BBC Radio 1).


Since deciding to leave London and see more of the world I’ve been a bit of a nomad, travelling from country to country playing at venues in Dublin (The Vaults, Temple of Sound, Redbox, The Kitchen) and around Europe, getting featured on radio, and casually working on production ideas.  Having settled in Sydney, my focus now is to promote my own events (domestically and internationally), building new relationships and taking music production more seriously.  With some exciting projects in progress, 2021 is looking to be an exciting year!