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The abandoned radio project

Mixx Radio was a project conceived during the Covid pandemic in 2020 with the aim to revolutionise internet radio and give DJs a unique global platform. Unlike most internet radios that subscribe to syndication services or manage a small number of DJs directly - generally with a weekend schedule focused on specific sub-genres of electronic music - Mixx was a highly ambitious plan to bring together all forms of electronic music with DJs providing exclusive mixes that couldn't be heard anywhere else. This would have involved the building of a roster of over 150 DJs well-known across the world of house, techno, EDM / dance, trance, drum & bass, dubstep, UK garage and more!

Due to a change in personal circumstances while the roster was being built and the huge time commitment required to manage the station, the project was temporarily put on hold with the aim to revive at a later date. Unfortunately that revival never happened. 

The radio hosting subscription was never cancelled so the schedule has been updated to run Dave Baker mixes around the clock. This is no longer a priority project so updates will be infrequent.

If there is anyone with an interest in taking on full or part time management of this station (or managing social media, marketing or advertising) and has the time and ambition to see it succeed, get in touch and we can discuss!

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