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Released: 22-JUL-2021

Catching up once again with the many promo releases received at HHH HQ and this selection plays some of the best tunes that haven’t yet been released or featured elsewhere across the podcast.

We kick off with Ferreck Dawn and Guz collaborating with Jack Back (aka David Guetta); feature a full funky EP from Sum Bloke; and we move into some cool tech / bass house and progressive / melodic tracks to finish off. Once again we have a lot of different genres thrown into the pot but the result is quite delicious!

Release dates are believed to be correct at the time of uploading.

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1. Missing You (Extended Mix) - Ferreck Dawn x Guz & Jack Back [Sink or Swim] RELEASE DATE: JULY 23 
2. Give It Heart (Extended Mix) - Sum Bloke [Quincy Boy Records] RELEASE DATE: JULY 26 
3. Good Times - Stefano Pain Francesco Pittaluga [I Am House / Music Plant Group] RELEASE DATE: JULY 23 
4. Show Me Tonight (House Mix) - DJ ThreeJay & Patrick Wayne [I Am House / Music Plant Group] RELEASE DATE: JULY 30 
5. Experience (Extended Mix) - Sum Bloke [Quincy Boy Records] RELEASE DATE: JULY 26 
6. Soul Diva 69 - Soul Diva 69 [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC 
7. Rude Boy (Extended Mix) - Sum Bloke [Quincy Boy Records] RELEASE DATE: JULY 26 
8. Ramped - K & K [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC 
9. Nobody Like You (Club Mix) - Maickel Telussa [Cacique Records] RELEASE DATE TBC 
10. Warn Ya (Cazztek Extended Remix) - The Funk Hunters x Defunk x Akylla [Westwood Recordings] RELEASE DATE: JULY 29 
11. Hard Street (Extended Mix) - Wax Motif, ALRT & Nessly [Divided Souls] RELEASE DATE: JULY 23 
12. What You Like (Extended Mix) - Dont Blink [Night Bass] RELEASE DATE: JULY 23 
13. 125 Beats (Extended Mix) - Hollaphonic [PinkStar Records] RELEASE DATE: JULY 23 
14. Higher (Original Mix) - AOTA [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC 
15. Take Me To A New Place - Damon Hess, DAYL [SOKO] RELEASE DATE: JULY 30 
16. My Way Home (Extended Mix) - Reezer, MING, Lex Oloko [Braslive Records] RELEASE DATE: JULY 23 
17. Shadows (yuma. Extended Mix) - Panuma, Two Worlds Apart [ChillYourMind] RELEASE DATE: JULY 23

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