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Released: 01-JAN-2021

While working on a demo for Baikonur Radio, I thought it would be a good idea to record a mix featuring my 20 favourite Baikonur tracks from 2020. Included in the mix are 3 tracks from Macrolev whom I interviewed recently and is available as a separate podcast episode.


Although Baikonur is primarily known as being a top tech house label, there are also some really nice deep tech / deep house tracks at the end which rounds off the set nicely (please release more of this, Baikonur!).

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1. Party Time (Original Mix) - Autobotz, Na7an
2. Just A Little (Original Mix) - Anton Bykov
3. Get Up (Extended Mix) - Lautaro Bidegain, Cuevas (ES)
4. Energy (Original Mix) - Macrolev
5. Just Dance (Extended Mix) - Macrolev
6. Another World (Original Mix) - IDA fLO, Macrolev
7. Deep Down (Original Mix) - Venere
8. Night (Original Mix) - Antonio Rec
9. Can't Take It (Original Mix) - Pleasant Avenue
10. Sweet Dreams (Extended Mix) - Venere
11. Reach Out And Touch Faith (Original Mix) - Gofa
12. Got My Power (Extended Mix) - Buddy Tigg, Catchy Name
13. Que Chulo (Extended Mix) - Kofla
14. Brand New (Original Mix) - Guigak
15. Not All Loving (Original Mix) - Noizy Devil
16. Levitate (Original Mix) - Cavalli
17. Feel So Free (Original Mix) - ExSono
18. Sequence (Original Mix) - Tyler Coey
19. Speakeasy (Original Mix) - Emmzet
20. Damn (Original Mix) - Andre Cl

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