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MARCH 2021

Where else can you find 2 hours of the latest and best jackin’ house and reworked disco/funk tunes? In this month’s mix we bring back classic tunes from Brand New Heavies, The Trammps, Dead or Alive, Wham, Arrested Development, Eminem, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston and Bob Marley among many others.

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1. Do What You Wanna Do (The Reflex Clubbed Up Revision 2021) - Nile Rodgers [Cr2 Records]
2. In My Arms (Extended Mix) - Purple Disco Machine [Club Sweat]
3. Like This (Sante Cruze Remix) - Crazibiza [PornoStar Records]
4. Dream On Dreamer (Original Mix) - Yvvan Back, Zetaphunk [Which Bottle?]
5. Paradise (Dub Mix) - No Hopes [Tribal Kitchen]
6. Burning (Nu Disco Mix) - Disco Incorporated [Muzik X Press]
7. Everybody Dancin' (Laurent Simeca Stephan M Remix) - Les Bisous [PornoStar Records]
8. Shifters (Original Mix) - Ron Fernandez [Garage Recordings]
9. Jack (Original Mix) - Supertons [Tactical Trax]
10. On To California (Original Mix) [Franky Phox [Ammo Recordings]
11. Undisputed Queen of Disco (Extended Mix) - Sebb Junior, Hatiras [Milk & Sugar]
12. Jack it out (Original Mix) - French La Touche [Shocking Sounds Records]
13. All Night Long (Original Mix) - Paul Najera, Pinto (NYC) [Ocean Trax]
14. Future of Tomorrow (Original Mix) - Dirty Disco Stars, Hiva [Cruise Music]
15. Mind Funk (Original Mix) - Loyd James [Blockhead Recordings]
16. Love Enough (Original Mix) - Foo Funkers [MONOSIDE]
17. Come Down (Original Mix) - Kuu´n (MX), Sr. Funkie [Clvb95 Music]
18. The Lovin (Flaunt-it Remix) - Kevin Andrews [World Sound]
19. High Life (Original Mix) - Jay Vegas [Hot Stuff]
20. Roller Disco (Original Mix) - Crazibiza [PornoStar Records]
21. Best Music Around (Original Mix) - Chicco Allotta [VeryNice Records]
22. Freeze & Rock (Original Mix) - Kevin Andrews [Twists Of Time]
23. Get Down (Original Mix) - Felipe Avelar [Ammo Recordings]
24. Disco Inferno (Original Mix) - David Boogie [FederFunk Family]
25. Around and Around (Original Mix) - Disco Lover Guy [Oracle Music]
26. She Wants Music (Original Mix) - Lissat, Block & Crown [Save The Nightlife]
27. Funky Town (Extended Mix) - ACRAZE [Black Jack Records]
28. Everyday Jumping (Original Mix) - Richard Grey, Lissat [G*High]
29. Slim Is Alive (Original Mix) - Richard Grey, Lissat [G*High]
30. Feel The Love (Original Mix) - Richard Grey, Lissat [G*High]
31. Let The Music (Original Mix) - Fiorez, Ivan Kay [World Sound]
32. Drop The Bomb (Original Mix) - Paul Parsons, Block & Crown [DJ White Label]
33. Houston Boogie (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Next-Gen-Records]
34. No Woman (Tribal Mix) - Crazibiza, Laurent Simeca, Benjammin [PornoStar Records]

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