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JUNE 2020

This is the first of two bonus episodes this week with this one entirely dedicated to some amazing disco and funky tracks that couldn't be squeezed into the weekly episodes.

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1. Coming Out (Club Mix) - Mike Chenery [Funky Revival]
2. RR Express (Original Mix) - BBwhite [Disco Filter Records]
3. This Feeling (Original Mix) - Serial Thrilla [Tasty Recordings]
4. We Wanna Be Free (Original Mix) - Jarred Gallo [InStereo Recordings]
5. Say What (Hey Jack Mix) - Salade Tomate [MCT Luxury]
6. Oh Girl (2020 Mix) - Bruno Browning [Soulsupplement Records]
7. Frozen Funk (Original Mix) - Paolo Bardelli, Alan Junior [B Club Milano]
8. You Got It (Club Vocal) - Just Us [Nervous Records]
9. Piter Play (Dub Mix) - Jon Rich [Pink Panties Records]
10. I Believe (Original Mix) - The Fabulous Joker [Shocking Sounds Records]
11. Bring It On Down (Original Mix) - Disco Darlings, Soul Chaser [InStereo Recordings]
12. Clap Yo (Original Mix) - Andrea K Cappelletti [K-Noiz]
13. Why Did You Do It (Original Mix) - Dirtydisco [PLS+TRX]
14. Brazil (2020 Remix) - Kako Martinez & Javier Ussia [On Work]
15. Don't Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Extended] (Original Mix) - Dua Lipa [Warner Records]
16. Is It Love (Original Mix) - Jo Paciello, Lebedev (RU) [Juiced Music]
17. Living in a Disco (Original Mix) - Ian Ossia [Masterworks Music]
18. Felling (Original Mix) - Sugar Hill [TRANSA RECORDS]
19. Wonderland (Peter Brown Smmer Mix) - Kevin Price [PornoStar Records]
20. Le Freak (Block & Crown Summer 2020 Mix) - Jackin' Social Club [Jackin' Social Club]
21. Tonight (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Next-Gen-Records]
22. It's On You (Original Mix) - Dirtydisco [PLS+TRX]
23. The Music (Original Mix) - Gangs of Naples [Onako Records]
24. 2020 (Original Mix) - Tom Sawyer [Jungle Funk Recordings]

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