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APRIL 2021

More classic tunes with a modern twist as we bring back the funk and chart hits from past decades. Included in the mix this month are reworked versions of tracks from KC and The Sunshine Band, Us3, Stretch, Bruce Hornsby, George Michael, Belinda Carlisle and David Bowie. Enjoy!

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1. Shined On Me feat. Andrea Love (Les Bisous Extended Remix) - Praise Cats, Andrea Love [Subliminal]
2. Losers (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - Balthazar [Play It Again Sam]
3. Get on Up (Original Mix) - Martina Budde [Groovy Firehorse 66]
4. Get To You (Original Mix) - Da Funk Junkies [CRMS Records]
5. Feel The Funk (Original Mix) - James Silk [Disco Filter Records]
6. Sometimes (Original Mix) - St.Luke [Wicked Wax]
7. Here We Go Again (Original Mix) - Rick Marshall, Discoloverz [Disco Down]
8. Heart Is Full (Original Mix) - Da Funk Junkies, Harvee [InStereo Recordings]
9. Love Freez (Original Mix) - Jekkie [Play And Tonic]
10. The Partymaker (Original Mix) - George Kelly, Vaudafunk [Juiced Music]
11. Like It (Original Mix) - Paco Caniza [Antani Music Recordings]
12. Groovy Jazzy Funky (Original Mix) - Deftone [Loser Lab]
13. Let's Dance (Original Mix) - DJ Fopp, Daniele Danieli [BeLove]
14. Brazillian Flange (Original Mix) - Housego [One Track Mind]
15. Do You Funky (Original Mix) - Max Esposito [Groovy Riddim Records]
16. Let Me Hear It (Original Mix) - Raffaele Ciavolino [Onako Records]
17. The Big Funk Jam (Original Mix) - HP Vince [Blockhead Recordings]
18. Ain't Gonna Let You Go (Extended Mix) - Gangs of Naples, Di Saronno [Material]
19. The Mighty Douglas (Doug's Godbizniss Mix) - Dave Lee, Doug Willis [Z Records]
20. Funky F (Original Mix) - Christian Cheval [Whore House]
21. Why Did You Do It Feat. Funk Allstars (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Sophisticated Elite]
22. Pull Up To My Bumper (NUDISKO Club Mix) - Block & Crown [Let’s Play Music]
23. Boogie Nights (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Mastermix Records]
24. She Takes My Money (Original Mix) - Richard Grey [G*High]
25. Back Again (Extended Mix) - Sweet LA [Zulu Records]
26. I Don't Know Anybody Else (Original Mix) - Martina Budde, Deaf Lion [Tullido Records]
27. Mama Used To Say (Original Mix) - Richard Grey [Record Union]
28. The Way It Is (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Omerta]
29. Touch Your Body (Original Mix) - Luca Debonaire [Next-Gen-Records]
30. Heaven Earth (Extended Mix) - Laurent Simeca, Stephan M [PornoStar Records]
31. Everyday Of My Life (Original Mix) - Nari [PornoStar Records]
32. Get Here (Original Mix) - Martina Budde, Her Son [Deep Firehorse 66]

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