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Released: 05-FEB-2021

Tons of funk and no junk in this jackin’ house mix packed with toe-tapping tunes and delightful disco anthems.

Check out the jackin’ house playlist on the Hot House Hours SoundCloud profile for other mixes you may have missed, or look for earlier episodes in the podcast feed :)

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1. Ya'll Feel Out There (Original Mix) - Still Boyz [Delicious Rebels]
2. 4th Classic (Original Mix) - Enzo Siffredi [Below the Belt]
3. 2Gether (Original Mix) - Joy Rogers [Deskfunk Records]
4. Body Funk (Extended Mix) - GhostMasters [Guareber Recordings]
5. Cuba & Salsa (Original Mix) - Fiorez, Ivan Kay [World Sound]
6. Too Much (Original Mix) - Mike Chenery [Funky Revival]
7. Forget Me Nots (Clubmix) - Block & Crown feat. Jesse Saunders [Promo - Let’s Play Music]
8. All Right (Say It Will Be) (Mood Jack Mix) - Jo Paciello [Shocking Sounds Records]
9. Doin' It (Original Mix) - Rick Marshall [Funky Revival]
10. Quincy (Original Mix) - Mike Chenery [Disco Down]
11. Dancin' (Extended Mix) - Niles Shepard, Cabrillo [Basement Sound]
12. Discoteque (Original Mix) - Cosmos Funk [Nimbus Records]
13. Power Of Love (Mike Chenery Re-Rub) - Felipe Avelar [Ammo Recordings]
14. What U Need (Original Mix) - Jonk & Spook [SJS RECORDS]
15. Choose You (Original Mix) - FederFunk [Funky Revival]
16. Dancing (Original Mix) - Rino(IO)DJ [Whore House]
17. Sunglasses (Extended Mix) - 2Lovers [PornoStar Records]
18. Here Come The Violins (Original Mix) - Paul Parsons, Block & Crown [DJ White Label]
19. Assasin In The Club (Club Mix) - DJ Vartan, Techcrasher [Which Bottle?]
20. Everybody's Free (Original Mix) - Paul Jockey [Tactical Records]
21. Feel Good (original Mix) - Max Esposito, Disco Ball'z [Dream Factory Music]
22. Don’t Bring Me Down (Mike Chenery 2021 Booty) - ELO
23. The Jam Is Stompin' (Original Mix) - Marc Rousso, Block & Crown [Omerta]
24. Hard To Let You Go (Luca Debonaire 2021 Club Mix) - Lissat, Block & Crown [Save The Nightlife]
25. Saved By The Groove (Original Mix) - Studio 55 [Play And Tonic]
26. Shout (Original Mix) - Paul Parsons, Block & Crown [Next-Gen-Records]

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