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Hot House Hours 181

House music at its best! Let Dave Baker take you on a journey of discovery and aural pleasure as he brings you the hottest and freshest funky, deep and tech house releases every week.

It’s holiday time and a chance to visit a music legend over in the US for a week. But while other podcasts may take the opportunity to play a load of old stuff (packaged as a “special”), the bangers keep on flowing with 16 massive tracks to keep the latest house music pumping through your veins! We have a fresh new remix from the alchemist himself, CASSIMM; newly-discovered remixes of classic tracks by No Thanks and Arad Maor; hot promos from René Amesz and Ferreck Dawn - AND a trance classic given a new lease on life by Melodicr.

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All tracks released on September 29 unless shown below.


1. Peace (CASSIMM Extended Remix) - Gabry Venus [Tribal Kitchen]

2. [HOT PROMO] Thinking About You (Extended) - Tommy Glasses [Confection Music] RELEASE DATE: OCT 13

3. Just The Way I Feel (feat. EMIAH) (Extended Mix) - Wankelmut [Future House Music]

4. [HOT PROMO] Just Can't Get Enough (No Thanks Remix) - Black Eyed Peas [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC

5. [HOT PROMO] Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Arad Maor Remix) - Fedde Le Grand [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC

6. [HOT PROMO] Disco 666 (Extended Mix) - Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare [303Lovers] RELEASE DATE: OCT 13

7. Bounce It (Extended Mix) - Kenty Clide & Kiro Prime [Confession]

8. [HOT PROMO] U Got 2 (Extended Mix) - Hotel Garuda, Ciszak [Space Yacht] RELEASE DATE: OCT 19

9. Motion (Original Mix) - Electric Polar Bears [Antarctic Music Group]

10. [HOT PROMO] Slow (Extended Mix) - Makree [Sunset Is Calling] RELEASE DATE: OCT 6

11. [HOT PROMO] Super Crazy (Original Mix) - Skapes & Tim Hidgem [Automation Nation] RELEASE DATE: OCT 13

12. [HOT PROMO] Freak Ya Tail (Extended Mix) - René Amesz & Jay Colin [D'EAUPE] RELEASE DATE: OCT 20

13. Venice (Extended Mix) - Toxic Joy [Full Colour Records]

14. [HOT PROMO] Change Your Mind (ft. Stevie Appleton) (Extended Mix) - Ferreck Dawn, Millean. [Sink or Swim] RELEASE DATE: OCT 6

15. Losing Control (Extended Mix) - Gianni Blu [Generation HEX]

16. Take Me Away (Original Mix) - Melodicr [Of Us Records]

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