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Hot House Hours 175

House music at its best! Let Dave Baker take you on a journey of discovery and aural pleasure as he brings you the hottest and freshest funky, deep and tech house releases every week.

It’s a week dominated by advance releases and DJ-only white label remixes with 15 hot tracks to give your week a lift. We get the party started with some nice funky tunes in the first half hour before heading into tech house and a few oldskool vibes for you ravers out there! We end with another Strings of Life remix, this time a more operatic version to the one featured last week. For the freshest club sounds you know where to come!

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All tracks released on August 18 unless shown below.


1. [HOT PROMO] Westside (Extended Mix) - SIDEPIECE [Insomniac Records / D4 D4NCE] RELEASE DATE: AUG 25

2. [HOT PROMO] Get Me High (Extended Mix) - Mia More ft. Able Faces [Altra Moda Music] RELEASE DATE: AUG 25

3. Time Flys (Extended Edit) - Offplan [Sleazy Deep]

4. [HOT PROMO] The Only One (Extended Mix) - Redondo & Elliot Fitch [Be Yourself Music] RELEASE DATE: AUG 25

5. [HOT PROMO] It Was A Good Day (Duke & Jones Extended Remix) - Ice Cube [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC

6. [HOT PROMO] Nothing But The Hits (Duke & Jones Extended Remix) - Ja Rule [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC

7. The Creeps (Brent Anthony x Act On Extended Remix) - Camille Jones [SPRS]

8. [HOT PROMO] Freak (Extended Mix) - CASSIMM [Jackies Music Records] RELEASE DATE: AUG 25

9. [HOT PROMO] Dominator (Extended Mix) - Danny Bond vs Human Resource [TMRW Music] RELEASE DATE: AUG 25

10. [HOT PROMO] (It Goes Like) Nanana (Lee Rose Extended Remix) - Peggy Gou [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC

11. [HOT PROMO] Flashback - (Extended Mix) - James Lock [White Label] RELEASE DATE TBC

12. [HOT PROMO] Drop It (Extended Mix) - R33DY D [Automation Nation] RELEASE DATE: AUG 25

13. [HOT PROMO] Pam Pam Pam (Extended Mix) - Lady Bee [Confession] RELEASE DATE: AUG 25

14. [HOT PROMO] Hold Me - Kydus [Kinetic] RELEASE DATE: SEP 8

15. [HOT PROMO] Strings Of Life/Un Amore Supremo (Epic Mix Extended) - Soul Central [CENTRL Music] RELEASE DATE: SEP 8

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