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Hot House Hours 103

House music at its best! Let Dave Baker take you on a journey of discovery and aural pleasure as he brings you the hottest and freshest funky, deep and tech house releases every week.

This week’s selection has a bit of a funky flavour with two tracks from Per QX’s burgeoning Walk of Shame label; Junior Sanchez on remix duties with Skittin; more promo action from Brothers In Motion; sexy house from Scouse producer Banju; then we get into some tech house bangers with Dino’s deep penetrating tune ‘BBC’ and a happy ending provided by Dyon!

All tracks released on April 1 unless shown below.


1. Can't Find My Way Home (Original Mix) - Per QX, May Yamani [Walk Of Shame]
2. Shaba (Extended Mix) - Fuzzy Hair [Altra Moda]
3. Funky Carousel (Original Mix) - Per QX, Point85, Maex [Walk Of Shame] RELEASE DATE: APRIL 22
4. Skittin (Junior Sanchez, KC Wray Dub Mix) - Notorious lynch [Slightly Sizzled Records]
5. Move & Shake [DaFunk Junkies Jackin House] - Brothers In Motion [i Am House/Music Plant Group] RELEASE DATE: APRIL 8
6. Party over Here (Extended Mix) - DJ Kone & Marc Palacios [Motive Records]
7. Touch Me (Original Mix) - Reza, Kroose, Silverstyle [Simma Red]
8. Dance with Me (Original Mix) - Banju [Cleveland City]
9. I See U' Movin (Original Mix) - St. David [K7 Records]
10. BBC (Original Mix) - Dino [Track ID] RELEASE DATE: APRIL 7
11. My Life (Original Mix) - Alex Rojas [Magical Garden Records]
12. Midnight Drive (Original Mix) - Ben Walsh [W&O Street Tracks]
13. Tonight (Original Mix) - Dyon [Phobiq]

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