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Released: AUGUST 2020

Hot House Hours has been privileged to feature many unique and exceptional mixes from highly talented DJs around the world, from the UK to Italy, Singapore and Australia (with a touch of Brazilian flair!). This time we have Berlin-based cheeky “DJane” Paula Hilton delivering a truly jaw-dropping set that is the kind of mix that makes you want to stop what you’re doing, sit back and admire the way she pulls you in different directions with these incredible sounds.

Paula’s passion and love of music is poured into this set, coming from the heart with hot beats, pulsating basses and soulful vocals. Full of emotions and the right feeling for danceable tracks, she puts her own personal, honest and unmistakable note on each set.



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1. BAILANDO (ORIGINAL MIX) - Daniel Steinberg [Front Room Recordings]
2. LEMONADE (ORIGINAL MIX] - Michael Bibi [Solid Grooves Raw]
3. INDIANCE (ORIGINAL MIX) - Prok & Fitch [Solid Grooves Records]
4. EL SUEÑO (ORIGINAL MIX) - Martina Camargo, Dennis Cruz [Moon Harbour Recordings] 
5. DILCULPEN LA INTERUPCON (ORIGINAL MIX) - Andre Salmon, Mauro C.Dream [1994 Music]
6. UNTITLED GROOVE (ORIGINAL MIX) - Low Steppa [Simma Black]
7. RAW (LIVE EDIT) - Adesse Versions [Delusions Of Grandeur]
8. RISE (EXTENDED MIX) - Hot Since 82 [Saved Records]
9. OBEY (EXTENDED MIX) - Crazy Fluke [Toolroom]
10. WIGGLE (ORIGINAL MIX) - Cloonee [elrow Music]
11. GUCCI SUIT (ORIGINAL MIX) - (Cloonee) [elrow Music]
12. FISH STEPS (ORIGINAL MIX) - Andre Salmon, Kricked [Whoyostro White]
13. BLAH (EXTENDED MIX) - Iglesias [Toolroom]
14. GONE (ORIGINAL MIX) - Romare [Ninja Tune]
15. FRIENDS (ORIGINAL MIX) - The Glitz [Voltage Musique Records]

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