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Released: 22-MAR-2021

Welcome to the beautifully deep and melodic techno world of LiVinLUVIn! This amazing Russian DJ, based in Thailand, has an often poetic view on techno and life in general and it is an absolute pleasure so share this exceptional set with you all.

I first got to know Liv towards the end of 2020 while working on a radio project and we instantly discovered a shared passion for music and spreading positivity throughout the world. Having heard many of Liv’s mixes, I really wanted to share her sound with the Hot House Hours listeners, especially as she partly inspired me to get more into melodic techno.

So sit back and enjoy this unique, beautiful and captivating mix that embodies everything good about this genre. This is something you’ll want to hear more than once!

SoundCloud: @livinluvin

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Not Me (Habersham Remix) - Vitor Munhoz
Nine Shaft (Original Mix) - E-Spectro & Indeep
Dance Alone (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) - 8Kays Feat. Tone Of Arc
Mentalism (Original Mix) - E-Spectro & Hells Kitchen
Hazarder - Purple Dub
Just You - Out Of Mind & Stan Kolev
Energize - Maksim Dark
Walking Alone - Krias
West Side ('s Just Be Edit) - Bushwacka!
Mojo's Tale (Animal Trainer Extended Remix) - Eelke Kleijn
We Are The People (Double MZK Remix) - Empire Of The Sun 
Souvenir (Original Mix) - Worakls
Undreaming (Inner Essence Remix) - Timewave

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