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Released: 19-FEB-2021

This past month has been incredible, with so many amazing tracks I had to record a 4 hour mix so nothing was left out! If 4 hours is too long for you, I have a separate episode that has been cut down to 2 hours.


If you’re familiar with the previous sets in this series, this is not to be missed!

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Hour 1:
1. Foxglove (Original Mix) - Tor [Youth and Progress Recordings]
2. Fading Still (Original Mix) - Raphael Mader [Renaissance Records]
3. Oh Baby (Original Mix) - Framewerk [Capital Heaven]
4. I Won't Forget (Original Mix) - Logic1000 [Therapy]
5. Soundz (Deeper Mix) - Paddy Thorne [Loose Connection]
6. Dragons in Paradise (Original Mix) - Cornucopia [Lost & Found]
7. Amour (Original Mix) - Donna-Marie (NZ) [Freegrant Music]
8. Conspiracy (Original Mix) - Kamilo Sanclemente [Freegrant Music]
9. Hoffnung (Shai T Remix) - Antrim [Clubsonica Records]
10. Stevie (Original Mix) - Sebastien Leger [Lost Miracle]
11. Late Love (Original Mix) - AlbePt [Souksonic]
12. Tormentas (Original Mix) - Thales Senses [Souksonic]

Hour 2:
13. Quartet (Original Mix) - Draso [Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings]
14. Rainy Morning (Original Mix) - Mass Digital [Akbal Music]
15. Orange Gardens (Original Mix) - Fulltone, Izhevski [All Day I Dream ]
16. Magnolia (Original Mix) - Plecta [Tale & Tone]
17. Go Right Through (Sound Quelle Extended Mix) - Angus Powell, Westseven [Soul De Anima]
18. You (Original Mix) - Makebo [Peace Symphonies]
19. Free My World feat Seth Vogt (Amata Remix) - Seth Vogt, DJ Zombi, Guy Davidov [Good News Records]
20. Mangata (Original Mix) - Alberto Hernandez (MX), Dulus [Dialtone Records]
21. Kaze Yawaraka (Kenji Sekiguchi Remix) - Kenji Sekiguchi, Kyohei Akagawa [Otographic Music]
22. Leptidea (Original Mix) - Roald Velden [Amulanga]
23. Papilio (Original Mix) - Roald Velden [Amulanga]

Hour 3:
24. Elysian (The Muhammads Remix) - Aroma (IND) [The Purr]
25. Vintage Nature (Original Mix) - Abriviatura IV [Journey of the Soul]
26. Alas (Original Mix) - Matias Fittipaldi [Souksonic]
27. Fire (Original Mix) - M.O.S. [Melody Of the Soul]
28. Conscious feat. Phonic Youth (Extended Mix) - Wynnwood, Phonic Youth, Wassu [Silk Music]
29. Welcome Home (Zetter Remix) - Loverman (MX) [Tribu H]
30. Le Voyage Dans La Lune (Original Mix) - Double Touch, Bross (RO) [TRYBESof]
31. Janabar (Original Mix) - Pambouk [Hoomidaas]
32. Forest Language (Original Mix) - Pambouk [Hoomidaas]
33. Minerva (Original Mix) - DRUBON [Go Deeva Records]
34. Strings - David Morales [DIRIDIM]
35. Gbelemo (feat. Morris Revy) (Vocal Mix) (Vocal Mix) - Silvio Luz & Achex [DistroKid]
36. Azucar Salado (Original Mix) - Dany Cohiba [Stealth Records]

Hour 4:
37. Burning My Shadows feat. Sami Chaouki (Original Mix) - Amine K (Moroko Loko), Sami Chaouki [Get Physical Music]
38. You Got the Moves (Original Mix) - Jamie Fallon Smith, Vanco [Djoon Experience]
39. Far Away (Original Mix) - DrumsMaster [Go Deeva Records]
40. Veritas (Animal Picnic Remix) - Thimble [Nazca]
41. Moan (Tim Engelhardt Remix) - Trentemoller [Poker Flat Recordings]
42. Naked Walls feat. Chasing Kurt (Original Mix) - Chasing Kurt, Ed Ed [Get Physical Music]
43. Your Rain (Moonwalk Remix) - Jean Vayat, Evelynka [Harabe]
44. Raven (Original Mix) - Definition [Definition:Music ]
45. Lost Spirits (Original Mix) - Hidden Empire [Stil Vor Talent]
46. Voodoo (feat. Camden Cox) (Extended Mix) - Spada, Camden Cox [AFTR:HRS]
47. Follow the Light (Original Mix) - Vars, Dapayk Solo, Dapayk Solo, VARS [Hommage]

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