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Released: 15-OCT-2021

Beautiful, dreamy and emotional melodies, soft tribal beats and reimagined classics are carefully woven together to create another epic set to sooth your soul.  In this month’s mix we have Double Touch and Reigan teaming up once again; emotive and moving afro house from Sebastian Rivero and Camila Cabello; plus remixes of classics from Layo & Bushwacka!, Jakatta, Kosheen, and a new version of one of my all-time favourite tracks ’Need to Feel Loved’ by Reflekt.  

Tracks highlighted in yellow below are in the shorter mix, which you can find HERE.

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  1. Writing on Water (Original Mix) - Beije [Amulanga]

  2. Azil (Original Mix) - Costa Dedes [Harabe]

  3. Canyon Beauty (Original Mix) - Pambouk, Miraval [Melody Of the Soul]

  4. Qallin (Original Mix) - Serious Dancers [Hoomidaas]

  5. Nadezhda (Original Mix) - Valer den Bit [Souksonic]

  6. Makeda (Original Mix) - Death on the Balcony [Telematique]

  7. Words on Wind (Original Mix) - Erdi Irmak [Songspire Records]

  8. Tuti (Original Mix) - Roy Rosenfeld [Lost Miracle]

  9. Bunch of Rays (Original Mix) - Greg Ochman [Plattenbank]

  10. Yuna (Pambouk Remix) - Miraval [Melody Of the Soul]

  11. Roots (Original Mix) - Sahar Z, Shai T [Moments]

  12. Crowe (Original Mix) - amháin [The Purr]

  13. A Course In Miracles (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) - Argy [Renaissance Records]

  14. How Can I Blame You (Original Mix) - Double Touch, Reigan [TRYBESof]

  15. Turning and Flowing (Original Mix) - Edu Schwartz [Warung Recordings]

  16. Colours (Original Mix) - Sahar Z, Shai T [Moments]

  17. Dreamy Rhodes (Original Mix) - Elisa Elisa [Heat Up Music]

  18. Summertime (Original Mix) - Sebastian Rivero, Mrodriguez [SwitchLab]

  19. Love Story (Extended Mix) - Robin M [Etiquette]

  20. Don't Go Yet (Major Lazer Dub) - Camila Cabello [Epic]

  21. Arcturians (Original Mix) - Morttagua [Timeless Moment]

  22. Mahadeva feat. Zanjma (Original Mix) - Rauschhaus, Haze-M [Haze Music]

  23. Namaste (Original Mix) - Analog Jungs [Mango Alley]

  24. Sidis (Extended Mix) - Polar Inc. [This Never Happened]

  25. Fable (Extended Mix) - Marsh [Anjunadeep]

  26. Chemical Romance (Original Mix) - Mikah [Lost on You]

  27. Into The Unknown (Extended Mix) - K-os Theory, Think City, Leonie Sky [KATERMUKKE]

  28. Anybody Out There (Extended Mix) - Jose Amnesia [AFTR:HRS]

  29. Need To Feel Loved feat. Delline Bass (Cristoph Remix) - Reflekt, Delline Bass, Cristoph [Altra Moda]

  30. American Dream (Original Mix) - Space Motion [Space Motion Records]

  31. Hide U (AVIRA Extended Remix) - Roger Shah, Sian Evans [Armada Electronic Elements]

  32. Carcerem (Extended Mix) - Funkagenda, Paul Thomas [Anjunabeats]

  33. Strangers (Original Mix) - Ben Böhmer [Anjunadeep]

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