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Released: 21-MAY-2021

Dave Baker presents your monthly roundup of the most chilled, melodic and emotional tracks released over the past 4 weeks!

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1. Khoeli (DJ T. Remix) - Momüs [Yamba Waves]
2. 2 Doves 1 Snowball (Original Mix) - Loew [Renaissance Records]
3. Love The Noise (Original Mix) - Giorgia Angiuli, Gardens Of God [United]
4. Lager Beers (Extended Mix) - My Friend [Anjunadeep]
5. So Close (Extended Mix) - Martin Badder [LOVE&OTHER]
6. Biggie Lights - Pandhora, Rasi Z [promo, Art Vibes] RELEASE DATE: June 4
7. From Afar (Original Mix) - Wassu, djimboh [TOR]
8. The Moon Melting Into a Waterfall - Greg Ochman [promo, Art Vibes] RELEASE DATE: June 4
9. Portal (Original Mix) - Enigmatic [RADIANT.]
10. Sunflower Fields (LADS Remix) - Bachir Salloum [Akbal Music]
11. Asterisms (Original Mix) - Valdovinos, Belu Clavero [TRYBESof]
12. About You feat. Abi Ferraresi (Original Mix) - Valdovinos, Abi Ferraresi [TRYBESof]
13. Away Home (Extended Mix) - Hana, Durante [Anjunadeep]
14. Wake Up Man (Original Mix) - Minnado [Melody Of the Soul]
15. Maple (Original mix) - Khen [Warung Recordings]
16. Violet Cloud (Original Mix) - Miraval [Hoomidaas]
17. Lazos (Original Mix) - Simon Vuarambon [Peace Symphonies]
18. Samadhi (Extended Mix) - Sunar [Go Deeva Records]
19. Sunrise in Maputo (Original Mix) - Frank Master, Viktor Martini [MoBlack Records]
20. Intimate Heights (Christos Fourkis Ritual Afro Mix) - Kiki Botonaki [UPFILTER Records]
21. Deep Forest Night (Extended Mix) - Panté [Armada Electronic Elements]
22. Femi (Original Mix) - Da Capo [MoBlack Records]
23. Inkinga (Extended Mix) - Kususa [Sondela Recordings]
24. Free (Extended Mix) - Boxer [Anjunadeep]
25. My Wild Flower (Original Mix) - Guy Mantzur [Lost & Found]
26. Turn Me On feat. Saad (Sebastian Weikum Extended Remix) - Saad, Shahin Shantiaei [Glasgow Underground]
27. Cure Or Remedy (Extended Mix) - Nihil Young, Paige, Sarah De Warren [Zerothree]
28. Cry (Extended Mix) - Rion S, Harley Sanders [UV]
29. Lexion (Ezequiel Arias Remix) - Artfaq [Sudbeat Music]
30. The Wanderer (Extended Mix) - LTN, Ghostbeat [Monstercat]
31. Echium (Original Mix) - Alex O'Rion [meanwhile]
32. Waiting For You (Extended Mix) - Yotto, Anabel Englund [Area 10 / Ultra Music]

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