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Released: 21-MAR-2022

Dave Baker presents a roundup of the latest and best organic and melodic house in a set designed to bring you a dayclub / sunset vibe.  


This month we have 34 of the finest tracks over 3 hours including Tim Green, Sebastien Leger, and three in a row from Ventt and Keparys.  If beautiful vocals is your thing, head to hour 3 for some outstanding progressive and melodic tracks to soothe your mind and soul.  Enjoy! 

Tracks highlighted in yellow below are in the shorter mix, which you can find HERE.

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  1. Berget Hills (Original Mix) - Jakob Apelian [Beats Of No Nation]

  2. Lavanda (Original Mix) - Ventt, Keparys [Melody Of the Soul]

  3. Sladkih Snov (Original Mix) - Ventt, Keparys [Melody Of the Soul]

  4. Arcana (Original Mix) - Ventt, Keparys [Melody Of the Soul]

  5. Primordial Harvest Banquet (Extended Mix) - RIGOONI [Songuara]

  6. Velvet (Original Mix) - Gadi Mitrani, Erdi Irmak [The Soundgarden]

  7. Camelia (Extended Mix) - Ilias Katelanos, Plecta [Amulanga]

  8. Force Major (Original Mix) - Roy Rosenfeld [Lost & Found]

  9. Sakura Blossom (Original Mix) - Sebastien Leger [Lost Miracle]

  10. A Man Said (Original Mix) - Florian Gasperini [Univack]

  11. Battle Illusion (Original Mix) - Tim Green [TRYBESof]

  12. Pyxis (Original Mix) - Tim Green [TRYBESof]

  13. Mi Pena (Original Mix) - Birds of Mind [Get Physical Music]

  14. Never Too Late feat. Moodintrigo feat. Melödisch (Original Mix) - Kadosh (IL), Melödisch, Moodintrigo [MoBlack Records]

  15. Teenage Crime (Extended Mix) (Francis Mercier Edit) - Francis Mercier, Emvafaya, Darla Jade, Arodes [Deep Root Records

  16. BlackOut feat. Lyrik Shoxen (Original Mix) - Lyrik Shoxen, Dj Beekay [MoBlack Records]

  17. Nativos (Original Mix) - Dum K [Go Deeva Records]

  18. Samsara (Original Mix) - Simo Moumen [MoBlack Records]

  19. Madan (Original Mix) - Stylo, Space Motion [Hurry Up Slowly]

  20. Aguardiente (Extended Mix) - David Novacek, George Cooper [Enormous Tunes]

  21. Like A Dream (Original Mix) - Coco, Robin M [Ulu Records]

  22. Find You [2022 EDIT] - Unknown [White Label]

  23. Because Of You (Extended Mix) - Scorz [Armind (Armada)]

  24. Girl You Got My Heart (Maya Jane Coles Remix) - Planningtorock [Human Level]

  25. So Close (Eric Rose Remix) - Eleonora, Max Freegrant [Freegrant Music]

  26. Skin (Extended Mix) - Yotto, Laudic [Odd One Out]

  27. On Your Own (feat. Elderbrook) (Extended Mix) - Cassian, Hayden James, Elderbrook [Future Classic]

  28. Govinda Hare (Original Mix) - Stan Kolev [Outta Limits]

  29. Mantis (Original Mix) - Simos Tagias [Sudbeat Music]

  30. Johlin (Original Mix) - Jiminy Hop [Meanwhile]

  31. Phantonym (Original Mix) - Budakid [Exploited]

  32. Sunrise (Extended Mix) - Max Freegrant, Ernes Guevara [Freegrant Music]

  33. Rebirth feat. Hero Baldwin (Extended Mix) - Tinlicker, Hero Baldwin [Anjunadeep]

  34. Safe (Joris Voorn Remix) - Joris Voorn, Monkey Safari [Spectrum (NL)]

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