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Released: 30-JANAURY-2023

Dave Baker brings you more melodic masterpieces in another mix designed to create the perfect day club / sunset vibe.        


As the last chillout episode was in November, we have 2 months of the very best organic, melodic and afro beats to catch up on, kicking off with with the ever-amazing Double Touch and a few soothing piano tracks to take you to faraway places. We have a few familiar songs going tribal in the second hour and some of the best melodic and progressive house tracks in hour 3. All this and an early look at Cahelo’s Elsewhere EP coming out at the end of March. The January 2022 episode is the most played Hot House Hours set - and this one is just as good, if not better!!

Tracks highlighted in yellow below are in the shorter mix, which you can find HERE.

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  1. Clair De Lune (Original Mix) - Double Touch [All Day I Dream ]

  2. Piece, Peace (Extended Mix) - Bross, VICTHOR [When We Dip XYZ]

  3. La Segreta (Original Mix) - Visionaire, Riccardo Leardini [Be Adult Music]

  4. Hygge (Original Mix) - Draso [all day I dream in waves]

  5. Elsewhere (Extended Mix) - Cahelo [Art Vibes] RELEASE DATE: MARCH 31

  6. Bananaquit (Mass Digital Extended Remix) - Cahelo [Art Vibes] RELEASE DATE: MARCH 31

  7. Trip to South (Extended Mix) - Anton Ishutin [Songuara]

  8. All Night Long (Extended Mix) - Marsh [Anjunadeep]

  9. Delorean (Original Mix) - Juan Sapia, Geronimo Eguiguren [Or Two Strangers]

  10. Tear Drop on Fire (Original Mix) - Greenage [Tale & Tone]

  11. Earth Guardians (Original Mix) - Double Touch [Amulanga]

  12. Almost There (Extended Mix) - Gorge [8Bit]

  13. Storm (Original Mix) - Double Touch, Reigan [All Day I Dream ]

  14. It's Not Right feat. Helen Tesfazghi (The Deepshakerz Remix) - Emanuele Esposito, Gianni Romano [Ulu Records]

  15. I Feel Love (Extended Mix) - Darksidevinyl [Go Deeva Records]

  16. You Got the Love (Original Mix) - Rockin Moroccin [Get Physical Music]

  17. Mas Que Enkama (Re-Edit Mix) - Peppe Citarella [Union Records]

  18. UNASIFU (Original Mix) - Enzo Siffredi, El Mukuka, BAQABO [Wired]

  19. Papi (Original Mix) - Eden Shalev [MoBlack Records]

  20. Cure My Desire feat. Clementine Douglas (Themba Extended Remix) - Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas [Defected]

  21. Become (Original Mix) - Meca, Antdot, Beacon Bloom [Dawn Patrol Records]

  22. I Know You (Extended Mix) - Franky Wah [SHÈN Recordings]

  23. Never Say Never (Original Mix) - Andre Gazolla [aboriginal]

  24. The Awakening (Original Mix) - Five Phases Project [Innellea]

  25. Mercury & Solace (Helsloot Extended Remix) - BT [Black Hole Recordings]

  26. Herasphere (Extended Mix) - Product Of Us [Sonia]

  27. Hiatus (Extended Mix) - Propane [RnD Department]

  28. Waiting For You (Extended Mix) - S.I.D [Zerothree]

  29. Green Washer (Extended Mix) - Joachim Pastor [Armada Music]

  30. Way I Feel (Extended Mix) - Return of the Jaded [Purified Records]

  31. Nobody Else (Narik Remix) - ED.E - [Stazis] RELEASE DATE: FEB 1

  32. Heart & Soul feat. Emile Battour (Original Mix) - Mami [Recovery Collective]

  33. Café del Mar (Dale Middleton Remix) - Energy 52 [Deepalma]

  34. Never Stop (Original Mix) - Rose Ringed [Diynamic]

  35. Sparks feat. Mali-Koa (Extended Mix) - DEL-30, Meduza, Mali-Koa [Anjunabeats]

  36. Leia (Original Mix) - Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio [Music To Die For]

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