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Write a review on Apple Podcasts for a chance to win!

Over the past 2 years, Hot House Hours has become one of the most listened-to house music podcasts around the world and your support is the reason why the show has been running this long. Did you know that by rating and reviewing the podcast (and subscribing), you help other listeners discover the show which then helps grow the audience?

Apple Podcasts is one of the biggest podcast platfor
ms available next to Spotify and YouTube (these two are currently not accepting the feed so Apple is the biggest platform hosting Hot House Hours). A 5 star rating and review will be a massive help and also provides some insight into what you, the audience, likes.
To encourage more reviews, there is a USD $100 Apple or Spotify gift card to be won (or local currency equivalent, depending on where you live). All you have to do is rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts, take a screenshot, upload it here and you go into the draw!
If you're not an Apple person, don't worry, there will be a chance for you guys in the future!
Just follow these steps:

1. Open the Apple Podcasts app or click on this Apple Podcasts link
2. Scroll down to the bottom and select the number of stars to rate the show, then select Write a Review (follow the instructions here if you need help)
3. Provide honest feedback on the show, such as:
  • What you like about the show
  • The episode that made you a regular listener
  • Your favourite episode so far
  • How often you listen
  • How it compares to other music podcasts or DJs
4. Submit review / take a screenshot
5. Return to this page and upload the screenshot to the form
Terms & Conditions
1. Entries to be submitted by midnight (London GMT) on January 31, 2023
2. A single winner will be chosen at random and announced on February 1st
3. The prize of a USD $100 gift card (or local currency equivalent) will be awarded where available. If you live in a country where it's not possible to purchase, an alternative prize will be offered
4. Apple only allows one review per Apple ID but you can ask friends and family to submit a review then upload their screenshot to increase your chances of winning!
Contact Us
Upload Screenshot

Thanks for submitting! Result will be announced in February

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