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BEST OF 2021

What a year it’s been! The world may have been a bit crazy but it didn’t stop the good tunes rolling off the production line. As always the big hitters dominated the charts with Block & Crown, Paul Parsons, Richard Grey, Lissat, Mike Chenery, and Marc Rousso keeping the good vibes coming, along with many other notable producers.

If you love to be transported back to classics from past decades, this is not to be missed!

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1. Get Enough (Original Mix) - Mike Chenery [Disco Down]
2. 2 The Ground (Original Mix) - 2Lovers [PornoStar Records]
3. Tropicana Sweat (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Save The Nightlife]
4. By My Side (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [SUPERCIRCUS]
5. We Are Family (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Marc Rousso [Sophisticated Elite]
6. All Night Long (2K21 Mix) - Softmal, Nytron [Prison Entertainment]
7. Party People Night & Day (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Paul Parsons [Funk Supreme]
8. Jack The Carwash (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Lissat [Tactical Records]
9. Pull Up To My Bumper (NUDISKO Club Mix) - Block & Crown feat Cullum Frea [Let’s Play Music]
10. Why Did You Do It Feat. Funk Allstars (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Sophisticated Elite]
11. She Takes My Money (Original Mix) - Richard Grey [G*High]
12. A.B.C. (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Lissat [Tactical Records]
13. Everyday Jumping (Original Mix) - Richard Grey, Lissat [G*High]
14. Slim Is Alive (Original Mix) - Richard Grey, Lissat [G*High]
15. Feel The Love (Original Mix) - Richard Grey, Lissat [G*High]
16. Where's The Party (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Save The Nightlife]
17. Mama Used To Say (Original Mix) - Richard Grey [Record Union]
18. The Jam Is Stompin' (Original Mix) - Marc Rousso, Block & Crown [Omerta]
19. Its A Love Thing (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Paul Parsons [PLAYEDiT Records]
20. To Be Real (Original Mix) - FLIP-DA-FUNK [Soulful Evolution]
21. The Best Of My Love (Original Mix) - Paul Parsons, Adri Blok [Next-Gen-Records]
22. Boogie No More (Original Mix) - Paul Parsons, Block & Crown [DJ White Label]
23. Rappers Delight (Extended Mix) - Da Clubbmaster [ZYX]
24. Braggin' About Yourself (Block & Crown Clubmix) - Marc Rousso [Next-Gen-Records]
25. Na Na Nah (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [SUPERCIRCUS]
26. Hold It Now (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa [Rawtone Black]
27. Saxomatic (Cheesecake Boys) - Crazibiza, Jazzy X [PornoStar Records]
28. Who's Back (Original Mix) - Richard Grey [G*High]
29. Hot Stepper (2021 Remix) - Lissat, Block & Crown [Save The Nightlife]
30. Returned Mack (Original Mix) - Nari [Tactical Records]
31. Have Mercy (Original Mix) - Mike Chenery [Soulful Evolution]
32. Street Vibe (Original Mix) - Nari, Stylus Robb [PornoStar Records]
33. Paradise (Dub Mix) - No Hopes [Tribal Kitchen]
34. In My Arms (Extended Mix) - No Hopes [Tribal Kitchen]
35. Umbrella (Club Mix) - Jolyon Petch [Club Luxury]
36. Heart (Nu Disco Mix) - Ministry Of Funk [Muzik X Press]
37. Heaven Earth (Extended Mix) - Laurent Simeca, Stephan M [PornoStar Records]
38. Good Heart (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [SUPERCIRCUS]
39. The Sun Never Goes Down (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Sophisticated Elite]
40. Bittersweet Feat. Col Jones (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Soulvation [Tactical Records]
41. She Wants Music (Original Mix) - Lissat, Block & Crown [Save The Nightlife]
42. Houston Boogie (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Next-Gen-Records]
43. How Do I Know (Extended) - Mobin Master, Rubber People [Safari Music]
44. Star To Fall (Original Mix) - Block & Crown [Omerta]
45. She Drives Me (Original Mix) - Gary Caos, Kide [Casa Rossa]
46. Shout (Original Mix) - Paul Parsons, Block & Crown [Next-Gen-Records]
47. Can't Get Enough (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Lissat [Tactical Records]

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