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Released: 18-DEC-2020

Time to slow things down once again as we chill to some of the best organic house, downtempo, afro house and melodic house from the past few weeks.

December saw the release of a great EP from VICTHOR, cool remixes of the latest Moby tracks and, as always, soothing beats from Anjunadeep. Enjoy!

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1. Providence (Original Mix) - Yuven, Jonas Saalbach [Radikon]
2. Forever (Armageddon Turk Remix) - Moby [Little Idiot]
3. Tecie (Mind Against Celestial Mix) - Moby [Little Idiot]
4. Sea Parade (Original Mix) - Tim Green [Shanti Radio Moscow]
5. Bhagwan (Original Mix) - Juan Deminicis [Flug Lab]
6. Airwave (Jiminy Hop Remix) - WNDLN [Songspire Records]
7. Silky Way (Zone+ Remix) - Veronika Fleyta [RADI MIRA I LUBVI]
8. Now Here (Original Mix) - Juan Deminicis [Flug Lab]
9. Walk Away (Original Mix) - VICTHOR [All Day I Dream ]
10. Amarr (Original Mix) - VICTHOR, Alex Twin [All Day I Dream ]
11. La Caminata (Original Mix) - VICTHOR, Bross (RO) [All Day I Dream ]
12. Moonlit Blossom (Original Mix) - Madraas [Kindisch]
13. Hor's Echo (Original Mix) - Powel [Anjunadeep]
14. Mango Paradise (Original Mix) - Enigmatic [Hoomidaas]
15. In Aere (Original Mix) - Wassu, LeSonic [The Soundgarden]
16. Khimiya (Extended Mix) - M.O.S. [Anjunadeep]
17. Attraction (Original Mix) - DSF [Melody Of the Soul]
18. Bangala (Original Mix) - AMEME [Watergate Records]
19. Shake (Original Mix) - Emanuele Esposito, Sandro S [Go Deeva Records]
20. Guerrero (Ian Ludvig Remix) - Jose Ponce, Babel [CAKTUS]
21. Radiance (Original Mix) - Marino Canal [Siamese]
22. Inter (Original Mix) - Cassian, Yotto [Odd One Out]

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